download nPort (188 KB) download me! goto neo section TheThirdCreation


no dead page, take a look into the download section01.04.2004
After almost one year, i decided to share my whole source stuff and i hope other ppl have more time than me. I would like to see all those things get finished, most time theres not mutch left to do. Head over to the download section and look around for ps26demo, nPort, bananoid and AFTERsUN. Let me know if u could need some stuff for ur own purposes and dont forgett to send improved things back to me. Ready?

asm5900 v2.0b, now try vpu code03.05.2003
At least i have abit time to release next version of my asm5900 ps2 assembler. With many help of blackdroid it now processes vpu instructions and supports many other lttl goodies, try it out. I'll look out to provide u with some sample code next time, first u could try to assemble tinyFire, it was released at minicompo #10 (thethirdcreation).
Much fun...

nPort beta version 0.1 is now available on my page. This tool is my actual PS2 project, enabling napLink users to transfer savegames between ps2 memorycard and host (pc drive). Its still beta, so take care before u delete the savegame originals. I need detailed bug reports to let nPort become 100% stable.

Within the end of 2002 i finished my first party demo, called AFTERsUN. It was released on tUM'o2 and faced first and last console place in one peace. Due to the short time i had, and the troubles burning the final tUM version some few minutes before deadline, i have thrown all sound files together on one cd. This should explain u the huge! iso-size (about 80megs) on the tUM page. Now i found the time to cleanup demo-files and added the ability to upload via napLink. (if u didnt get bothered by large waiting periods between each part, or maybe u like listen to silence) If u want to burn it, just extract both zip-files (demo files and sound files) to ur disk and burn all the files inside AFTERsUN folder on cd, then watch it!

funk brother napCoke lavalamp goblin terrain

Finally I could present u my first ps2 ee-core demo, only using my asm5900 v1.8b assembler and ps2lib v2.0b. Its my contribution to TheThirdCreation mini demo contest round #7. Also i updated my download section. If there are some requests and i've the needed time to get the files readable by everyone, i would release ps2lib v2.0b. Instead of the v1.0 inside the downloads section, this one actually supports RPC bind and calls (like u may have noticed watching my demo), and includes some files to controll pad, sound and fileIo.

more sources21.08.2002
I updated the download page, adding one or two examples with full r59 assembler source and the beta version of my asm library. Try it out, u may notice its very easy to write littel intros with this stuff. Currently i am working on the conversion 2r59 of an old pc-game called bananoid, u could see a snapshot below. Its only a stupid thing that keeps me working on my libs, eg. pad and sound-driver. Far from this project, i still have napClient on my 2do-list. For those who cant wait, i added an update for version 1.0.2, which could auto-detect and upload IOP-files now.

napDriver and win2k together in love25.06.2002
After napalm is back to usual place, still to ur service, i'm going to present u the long-expected win32 napDriver v1.0.3. Fixed those fuckin' BSOD win2k bug, disabling u shutting down machine with the driver loaded, means the cable plugged in. But stop that many words, i'll wait ur response. :) Go get this new version, install and get happy... 6,87 KB

Another asm-intro for old psx is available now, called oneUp. Click on the rotating logo at the top right to download psx file. I release the asm5900 sources soon, 'till i have brought it to any readable format - was a very quick hack due to my very few time. Beside this, i release first versions of napClient and napDriver on my page. They replace napLinks win32 client proggy giving u a lot more comfort. Contact me on any bugs u have running it. A quick portation using the USBIO driver (same as used by the older console client) is also supported, but doesnt work with full power of napDriver. Dont bother me with this one if its not to your pleasure. The project section was increased by a brief tutorial, covering the creation of your own ps2-mod-chip. If u want to build your own pic-programmer, go read it - its really simple. Picking up asm5900 development is my next date. And after that i will look up to bring u a full asm5900 written ps2 intro, start explaining some ps2 librarys.

a late happy new year22.01.2002
i slowly improved my assembler and will u guys soon present an update for this faking 1.8b version. ;) just have to type in a fucking number of vu-ops for this moment - not my favour. with this msg i provided an asm5900 developers mailing list at topica. All assembler-lovers and project-developers are welcome to join here. Just go to the asm5900 project and sign up.

I put two pretty compiled linux and win32 versions of asm5900v18b on the download page. Tested the linux-asm with my fiRst sample code and it works fine. (3 passes in 1.49secs, output didnt crash the console)

back from "holidays"16.10.2001
After sleeping for a long, long time, i have just arrived to this world. Give me some time, searching a path back through my mazed brain... I will pick up the asm5900 project this time. After tons (and tons) of mails (have i already mentioned the word "tons"?) according to the released sources, i think its better for all if i complete the assembler by myself. Giving a start, i release a long promised, but still not finished documentation on my asm now. Hopefully to be found in the download section (word document). U will find some docs from BigBoss too! Secondary iam working on another example source for asm59. As same as my fiRst, this so-called "oneUp" intro will only run on "old" psx. Sorry about!

asm5900 goes open source...lets rock!26.07.2001
Hi 2 all developpers out there! Like I already promised, here it is: go now and develop asm5900! You will find the actual project files in the project section! I want u to release all changed versions on this site, so plz contact me if u have finished some great work, or just want to release any test/beta versions. Wish you good luck on understanding this pretty shitty code - take a look NOW!

just to let u know: iam still alive11.07.2001
I uploaded another ps2 example: copper bars by Vzzrzzf (u may have seen already on dukes page) Sorry about the few updates here in the past, but iam still out of time. Currently, my project is paused - will be reborn in a month. I present u an asm5900 release with full docs then! :)

one more psx example19.06.2001
Like i promised, i've written an intro for old psx including full sources. Take a look to learn asm5900 syntax now! Additionally u could find two tools called PSXloader and gfx-for-psx in the download section. May be usefull for creating your own intros. If someone will spent a bit of time, writing a better converter plugin - will feel glad uploading it.

one more ps2 example28.05.2001
Jasper released his first intro for ps2 using his CodeGen. Image and sources available in the download section. If anyone has written some code for asm5900, send it to me (also old psx programs).

another update22.05.2001
Updated the PSXdev source in the download section. Click here to see a preview of the final IDE for this scene. Some help on finding the bugs listed in "main.cpp" would be welcome :) For all the asm5900 fans out there: i've finished 50 percent of the docs, nxt week i will work on it, releasing soon.

started the PSXdev project14.05.2001
Hi folks! Started the PSXdev project this week. All actual source codes according to this project will be available in PSXdev section. Take a look! Also i uploaded another beta release of asm5900, fixing a bad bug in macro- and if-directives. Now with support for $-hex numbers and %HI,%LO operators. Wish u much fun...

new design07.05.2001
Thanx 2 Danzig finishing my new logo (he's a real good artist) which gives me the chance to update my site! I'am still trying to catch all this lttl bugs in asm5900 to present u a powerfull release version soon, giving u an alternative developing method 4 ps2. I updated the download section by setting up asm5900 v1.6b! take a look and... u know already bugs!!

new news27.04.2001
Just thought u like some infos how things are going. Today, I loaded up the current beta version of my assembler for testing. Play around with it and send me a mail or post to my board on errors. You will support a bug free release then. Currently a LINUX version is in development by Andrew K. It will soon be available on this page. Although I think we should be able soon to present you a release version with full document on asm5900, it will exactly describe behaviour, syntax and instruction sets of the assembler. You will like it! After that step, I will start development of my seccond and greater project: PSXdeveloper (hopefully together with napalm member Oman)

site is up20.04.2001
Finally, I got my own homepage done. Now you could find updates, demo-sources, docs and infos for asm5900 on this page. Send me some cool source samples created for my assembler and I will put them up in my download section. Take a look at Projects, to get the actual state of development. If you got some ideas or questions, feel free to post to my board. Would be nice, if one of you guys offer me some help on my PSXdeveloper project. Take a look! Also, I could need some helping hand on porting my asm5900 2 linux. (hey2u linuxers out there, contact me!) Soon I will going to release some sources, so keep watching my page. NOTE: if you want to link a special section of this page, use as target, replacing name by the section name. for example: ./index.htm?downloads or ./index.htm?projects.asm5900