napalms' homepage back to the root (link this one)
AndrewK's Burrito World console developping page with some nice stuff
Duke's Coding get duke's ps2 stuff now; and of course the first ps2 intro "stars"!
Nik's Gas Chamber if you interrested in some java or ngpc stuff, visit nik's page

PS2 stuff
PS2 Knowledge Base good knowledge base for people getting started
PS2Dev base of ps2gcc compiler
The Third Creation small ps2 demo competition, held ervery month
loser's ps2dev page some generic tools from this young scene - try this link list ;)
PS2 Emulation dev'ing and emulators for ps2 (#ps2-emulation on EFNet)
PCSX2 partial running ps2 emulator, already useable for developers

PSX stuff
home of the hitmen they are very experienced in psx programming, get many utils there
loser's psxdev page a great collection of old files, very usefull a real good stuff collection for psx development; seems to contain almost everything
PCSX great psx emulator

project NEO
ps2 mod-chip development read the message boards, follow the links
ic-prog home look here for new versions of ic-prog
jdm's home see his great PIC programmer, very powerfull for this low price
maxking home some NEO and MOD hexfiles
microchip home get the free MPLAB to get 12C508 assembler compiled

flip code sourcecodes, algorithm and tutorials for game and demo developpers
free web counter i use it